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At Tri-Area Community Health, we’re eager to provide comprehensive medical access to patients throughout Southwestern Virginia. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to visit one of our healthcare providers! Whether you’re coming to us for primary care or behavioral health services, you can make an appointment via telehealth, same-day, or scheduled ahead. Learn more, then find a Tri-Area Community Health location near you.

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If you’re like most people, you go to different locations to see your primary care provider, therapist, and pharmacist. But what if you could receive all your healthcare services from one place? At Tri-Area Community Health in Southwestern Virginia, it’s possible. To make medical care accessible, we proudly offer all the comprehensive services our patients need. Read on to learn about the benefits of getting medical, behavioral health, and pharmacy services at the same place, then...

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If you’re feeling the burden of chronic conditions or any variety of associated pain, Tri-Area Community Health is here to help. We are committed to providing affordable, comprehensive, and community-based medical services to Virginia communities. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and keep reading to find out more about our patient-centered care for your chronic conditions.


Flu season has arrived and even with a flu vaccine, you or your children may experience symptoms. Tri-Area Community Health is here to provide thoughtful, resourceful, and compassionate care for mild or worsening cases of the flu for children and adults, as well as administering flu shots. Contact us to schedule an appointment and in the meantime, check out these easy ways to combat flu symptoms at home.

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When you or your family need professional medical or pharmaceutical services in Virginia you have various institutions available. Tri-Area Community Health provides a uniquely hospitable and patient-centered culture where you and your loved ones receive comprehensive, compassionate, and community-focused care. Contact one of our locations to schedule an appointment and keep reading to discover why you should choose us for your health and pharmacy services.

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If you are looking for healthcare services in Southwestern Virginia, Tri-Area Community Health is your one-stop shop for all of your healthcare and pharmacy needs. Our team is filled with expertise in a variety of healthcare areas, and we can provide you and your family services based on your specific health needs. Keep reading to learn more about the services we offer and our neighbors caring for neighbors approach. Contact our team today to make an appointment!

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Transportation can be an important aspect for patients who need to have their medical needs met often. This is especially important for elderly patients who may not have access or the ability to provide their own transportation. However, at Tri-Area Community Health in Virginia, our team provides transportation for the patients who need it! We believe that it is important for patients to have the access they need to medical treatments in order to create a higher quality of life. Keep reading to learn more about our transportation process and...

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Annual health visits are an important part of staying healthy and well. By seeing your primary care provider on a regular basis, you can catch any potential health problems early on and get the treatment you need. In addition, annual health visits provide an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about your health with your provider. Here at Tri-Area Community Health, we offer comprehensive healthcare services to our patients, including annual health visits. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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Tri-Area Community Health is committed to helping our Virginia area patients maintain behavioral health. We know that the impact our patients' habits have on their mental and physical well-being is important, and we're here to support our patients in any way we can. We know that these things can be difficult to change, but we're here to help our patients make those changes in a way that's best for them. Feel free to contact us anytime about our behavioral health services and keep...


If you're looking for a health care provider who puts patients first, look no further than Tri-Area Community Health. Primary care providers like ours are essential to keeping our communities healthy and strong. We offer comprehensive primary care medical and behavioral health care services as well as pharmacy services at our locations in Laurel Fork and Ferrum. Here at Tri-Area Community Health, we're more than just a local medical office, we're neighbors caring for neighbors. If you're looking for quality health care, you have found a...

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When you first start feeling symptoms that may mean you have COVID, it’s understandable to feel a little worried. However, at Tri-Area Community Health, we want you to know we’re here and ready to help you get better. As your dedicated primary care home, our team of providers is committed to delivering the highest quality care to our communities. Read on to learn how we provide healthcare for COVID throughout our area of Southwestern Virginia, then...

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If you are looking for affordable medical services in the counties listed below, your search is over. At Tri-Area Community Health, our patient-centered, team-based staff aims to deliver the highest quality of care to our communities. We’re proud to provide health care and pharmacy services to our neighbors in these counties:

  • Carroll

  • Floyd

  • Franklin

  • Grayson

  • Patrick

Why choose Tri-Area Community Health as your primary care home? Today, we’ll answer that...



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