Why You Should Choose Tri-Area Community Health for Your Health and Pharmacy Services

Why You Should Choose Tri-Area Community Health for Your Health and Pharmacy Services

When you or your family need professional medical or pharmaceutical services in Virginia you have various institutions available. Tri-Area Community Health provides a uniquely hospitable and patient-centered culture where you and your loved ones receive comprehensive, compassionate, and community-focused care. Contact one of our locations to schedule an appointment and keep reading to discover why you should choose us for your health and pharmacy services.

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Tri-Area Community Health is a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive health and pharmacy services to our local and medically underserved communities. Since our establishment, we have been serving the community with a commitment to improving the health of our patients by proactively contributing to their well-being. We strive to transform the health of our communities through team-based care and innovation.

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Welcoming & Safe

At Tri-Area Community Health, we are a welcoming place for patients, customers, visitors, and trainees. We strive to provide a safe and caring service environment for everyone. We recognize the importance of maintaining good health and are devoted to giving the best care possible while cultivating a sense of trust and compassion in our communities.

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Multiple Locations

With five different locations in Southwestern Virginia to serve you, we offer you the opportunity to find and schedule appointments at the location that is most convenient for you. Additionally, if you find that you need a particular time that better fits your schedule, you may be able to find it at an alternate location than the closest to you.

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We use information, data, and evidence-based science to inform clinical, operational, and strategic decision-making and will share data both internally and externally. Our dedication to data-focused care promotes collaborative understanding between our healthcare professionals and patients. Our clients are provided with scientific information and fundamental knowledge, keeping them informed about the details of their health and pharmacy services.

Tri-Area Community Health is organized by willing volunteers from the communities served by its clinics. Our Board Members live and work in the same communities where we have clinics, receive the same services as all other patients, and can tell us what their neighbors need for care. Our community-focused leadership and data-focused care set us apart in the health and pharmaceutical industries. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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